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  Scott Wheelis - Artist and Webmaster

Since I was a child I wanted certain things that could never be found in stores, or if they were found they were never quite right. I realized that if I was ever to have the things that I was looking for I would have to make them myself, and it was on the threshold of this discovery that an artist was born.

I currently work full time in the creation and production of special effects, masks, props, and custom orders.

I started doing drawings in pencil and later in ink. I then progressed into the realm of painting computer illustration, and web page design.  My passion, however, has always been in the world of making things that move and can help people question their beliefs as to what is reality.

I am open to comments and suggestions for my site or my artwork. I am also always looking for new commissions. 
For further information or comments please email me using the contact link.